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About Nancy

With her professional background in business, including receiving her Bachelors in Business Administration, achieving her CPA in Ohio and owning her own business for over 15 years, Nancy has a great deal to offer her clients.  She is not only a social media pro; she brings the best of both worlds.  Nancy understands the needs and desires of individuals in business.  Her clients have a strong commitment to growing their business by accessing the world of social media.  When Nancy speaks about the constantly changing business community and the power of social media, others know that she clearly understands business from multiple perspectives.

Nancy is
 a master communicator which makes her teaching style educational and fun.  She utilizes a step by step training format. In her programs, she provides an ideal environment that is conducive to learning for the beginner to the advanced that wants to without being limited by their marketing budget.  In her very popular introductory course entitled Navigating the Social Media Super Highway, she takes her clients through the basics of social networking including getting started on FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Her clients learn how to maximize their social networking efforts without spending a lot of time online.  

Her intermediate course entitled Your Fast Track to Social Media Success is the ideal environment for business owners and career driven individuals to tap into the power of social media.  After attending this course, anyone can grow their career easily, quickly and effectively by learning how to utilize advanced pages and group options.  When her clients access the power of social media they can easily grow their business and their career no matter what their marketing budget is.  

In addition, Nancy offers hands on consulting services in her "Office Warrior Program."  In this program, she works with Entreprenuers, CEOs and Upper Level Management to develop the best social media campaign for their office or business. Each campaign is customized to the needs of the individual business and how to most effectively use Social Media to increase visibility and sales.

Nancy is driven by her clients success.  Her clients can attest that she exudes passion and commitment to helping them expand their business and improve their bottom line. With Nancy's services, you are guaranteed to get on the Social Media Super Highway.

Painless Social Media

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